North Florida Christian Bass Club, Inc.
By-Laws / Manual

Club Officers and their Responsibilities


1. Preside and oversee all club meetings and activities.
2. Maintain and enforce high standards of image for club members.
3. Preside over annual elections and installation of club officers.
4. Responsible for performance of all officers and committees.
5. Has final resolution authority for disagreements between club officers and members.
6. Responsible for keeping all members informed and directing activities in a safe Christian-like manner.
7. Assist Tournament Chairman at all club tournaments.
8. Assist all other officers in the betterment of the club.

Vice President / Tournament Chariman

1. Preside and oversee all club meetings and activities in the absence of the president.
2. Coordinate all activities associated with club tournaments.
3. Arrange fundraisers and special function Committees.
4. Inform club members with any problems with tournament sites.
5. Responsible for member education in reference to new techniques, ideas, equipment, etc.
6. Assist all other officers in the betterment of the club.


1. Responsible for recording and reporting of minutes for each monthly meeting.
2. Record and report all points, standings and weights from tournaments at each monthly meeting.
3. Responsible for keeping and maintaining all member files and club documents.
4. Assist Tournament Chairman at club Tournaments.
5. Assist all other officers in the betterment of the club.


1. Establish and administer club budget.
2. Maintain counts and balances and signer on bank account.
3. Receive and disburse all monies and maintain all receipts.
4. Give financial statement at monthly meetings.
5. Assist Tournament Chairman at club tournaments.
6. Assist all other officer in the betterment of the club.


1.Responsible for opening and closing all club activities with prayer and leading the club in
spiritual activities as he feels led.
2.Responsible for keeping the club prayer requests.
3.Be available for any spiritual need of any club member at any time.
4.Assist Tournament Chairman at club tournaments.
5.Assist all other officers in the betterment of the club.

Club Officers and their Responsibilities

Term Limits:

1. Term limits for all directors/officers will be twenty-four months. Starting and ending after the Classic Tournament in March. If elected, an officer can have consecutive terms.
2. Any directors/officers (if nominated) may run for another position, if available, regardless of time served.
3. The club reserves the right to remove any director/officers at any time with a two-thirds majority vote from the club.

Nominations, Eligibility, Elections and Vacancies

1. Nominations of directors/officers will be taken for all positions available at the February meeting. You must be present to make a nomination.
2. Nominees must be at least 16 years of age, full member and show an interest in the business and betterment of the club.
3. Club members present at the March meeting will hold an election for directors/officers.
4. In the event an office becomes vacant, an emergency election will be held to fill the vacant position at the next meeting.


1. The North Florida Christian Bass Club shall have sole option of closed membership by 70% approval from club members. A member is considered active until he or she resigns or the club officers for a specific reason terminate their member ship.
2. A vote will be held for prospective members to join, after 2 club meetings and 2 tournament functions are attended. Points accumulated by the prospect for meetings and tournaments before the vote will be counted toward the year’s total. Any prospect that attends 2 club functions the previous year may be voted in the first meeting he or she decides to join.
3. All members and prospects must have on file a signed and notarized “Liability and Medical Release” form. All members and prospects under the age of 18 must have a form signed by his or her parents or legal guardian.
4. NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES, PROFANITY OR TOBACCO USE ALLOWED DURING ANY CLUB FUNCTIONS. Club functions include, but are not limited to, meetings, boat launches, tournaments and weigh-ins. The classic tournament is considered a function that includes activities of pre-fishing, accommodations and the tournament.

Membership Dues

1. Club dues of $25.00 (Jan-Dec) will be paid annually at time of registration. All members age 65 or older are exempt from annual dues.
2. Any prospect or alternate that attends more than 2 functions and 2 tournaments must pay the due amount that applies. If the prospect fails to pay these dues after their second tournament, then they will not be eligible to fish until the dues are paid.
3. All money paid is non-refundable. There will be a $30.00 charge for all dishonored checks.
4. No money in the Club Treasurer Department is to be spent without the approval of the club officers.
5. Each year that a person fishes with the club, they are not considered a member of the club that year until they have paid their dues.

As with all club functions, The North Florida Christian Bass Club Inc. does not carry any insurance on its members’ or non-members’ boat, vehicle, and place of meeting, and will not be held responsible for anyone’s conduct, accidents, property damage or bodily harm and injuries.