September Crescent City Results
1st Place Allen and Richard 3 fish for 9.76lbs
and Big fish at 6.69lbs
2nd Place Brian P. and Colin 3 fish for 7.59lbs
3rd Place Sean and Robert 5 fish for 6.50lbs
Next meeting Dunn's Creek Baptist Church
October 13th at 7pm
Next Tournament Palatka 15 Oct
Safelight to 3pm
Palatka City docks

1st Emory Stephans,Jimmy Crawford
2nd Kenny Honeycut
3rd Brian Peters
4th Brian Smith
5th Adam Hall
6th Bud-man
7th Jason Haus
8th Alen Raulerson
9th Mike Head
10th Sean Williams

August Welaka Results
1st place Emory and Jimmy 5fish 13.39lbs
2nd place Mike 3fish 8.93lb Big fish 4.85
3rd place Doug,Parker,Christian and Honeycut
5 fish 8.35 lbs
Next meeting Dunn's Creek Baptist Church
15 Sep. 7 pm
Next Tournament
Crescent City
17 Sep. Safelight to 3pm
Sunrise Boat ramp and Park

July Palatka RESULTS

1ST Place Kornaday 3 fish 9.61lbs
2ND Place Parker and Honeycutt 5 fish 9.06lbs
3RD Place Emory and Jimmy 4 fish 8.77lbs and Big Fish 6.07 lbs
Next Meeting
7 pm Dunn's Creek Baptist Church
August 18th
Next Tournament
Welaka Public Ramp
Safelight until 2 pm.
August 20th